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Complex Technology

Needs Clear Messaging

Conversion-focused copywriting services for blockchain companies. So your audience reads it, gets it, and signs up for it.

Here's the Problem

You’ve built a great product. That means you’re halfway there.

The blockchain industry has come a long way since Satoshi wrote his ground-breaking, block-making paper in 2008. We now have giant companies listed on stock exchanges and hype cycles with peaks so high the Gartner consultant needs binoculars to see them.


Suffice to say it’s become a crowded place. Chances that you’ll be discovered without proper marketing are slim to none. No matter how great your product is, you need to communicate how you stand out.


And that’s what clear and effective marketing copy does. It’s the bridge between your audience and your product. It’s what moves them from sceptical readers to people who fill out a contact form, sign up for your email list, or join your Discord community.

A headshot of the Founder of Block Narrative, Thomas De Moor

Thomas De Moor - Founder

“What amazed me most about Thomas was his ability to instantly grasp our company's culture, vision, brand voice, and long-term strategy.”


Why me?

You want more than a copywriter. You want someone who…

Is technically proficient. Your copy will be much better if it’s written by someone who deeply understands the underlying technology. Someone who knows what EIPs are, how PoW differs from PoS, and what it actually means when someone says that the Bitcoin blockchain is a decentralized immutable ledger.

Uses the principles of persuasion. Copywriting is about persuasion. Not the sleazy car salesman type of persuasion, but the kind of persuasion that lights the path between a problem and its solution. A great copywriter learns about the ways that words move people and then uses that knowledge in the copy for his clients.

Has been in the blockchain industry for many years. The blockchain industry is different from most other industries. It has a rich history and many strong narratives, often running at the same time. You want someone who understands that. So you don’t have to explain what it means when you mention Mt. Gox, ICOs, or BTFD. Someone who smiles when you write 1) What in chat.

Is a true professional who doesn’t leave you hanging. Writing persuasive copy is one thing. You’re also looking for someone who hits deadlines. Someone who’s reliable. Someone who keeps you updated about his progress as he writes your copy. A consummate professional who takes your success seriously.

“The ability Thomas has to turn a complicated subject into one that the audience understands is unrivalled. If ever I need to explain a complicated technology, like the blockchain, to my 72 year old technophobe father, I'd just sit him down to read one of the articles Thomas had written on the subject.”

JOHN ROBERY, DGaming Industry

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About Me

The blockchain industry has a marketing problem

Hi, I’m Thomas. I’ve been a part of the blockchain industry since 2017, when Ethereum hovered around $15 and ICOs were all the rage. While the industry has come a long way since, it also hasn’t. For being such innovative technology, blockchain still hasn’t found mainstream adoption. And it’s been around for a while now. Over fifteen years. What’s going on here?

Well, the blockchain industry has a marketing problem. In some cases, companies hype a product without having the technology to back it up. Cue scams and rug pulls. In other cases, companies lean too heavily on the technology without explaining how that technology benefits the user.

With proper marketing, the blockchain pie can grow so much bigger. 

And that’s what I want to help you with. I want to make your marketing razor-sharp. Impressive. Appealing to exactly the right people in exactly the right way. Not by guessing, but by really understanding your audience’s desires, needs, and pain points. By using their words to explain how you can help them.

I was in tech sales for five years before I switched to content marketing and then copywriting. I’ve worked for and with companies that are worth billions of dollars. Companies that now market very well. I want the same for you. The blockchain industry may have a marketing problem, but when you work with me, you won’t.


Here are the ways I can make your company shine

Website Audit

I will review your existing website and provide a strategic and actionable plan for improvement. This includes a comprehensive screencast recording, a Google Doc action sheet, a Figma wireframe with suggested improvements, and a 60-minute Q&A to answer your questions. It’s a low-risk way to understand what it’s like working with me.

Full Website Copy

If you have no existing website or would like to overhaul your existing website, I will write and wireframe your website so it gets you the outcome you want. This includes:


  • Extensive research into your market, audience, and offer.

  • Persuasive website copy neatly laid out in a wireframe.

  • Two rounds of revisions to get everything exactly right.

Landing Page Copy

If you have a one-page website or a landing page that isn’t converting as you’d like, I will write and wireframe a landing page that will engage your target audience, eliminate their objections, and move them to your desired outcome. This includes extensive research, persuasive copy in a wireframe, and two rounds of revisions.

“Thomas demonstrated an exceptional ability to delve into our customers' pain points, finding relevant customer quotes and insights to craft copy that resonated with our target audience. Despite the tight turnaround of this project, Thomas delivered high-quality work with a creative twist.”

PAIGE TESTER, Senior Marketing Manager at DataDome

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